worktops prices
If you are searching for a perfect material for a kitchen worktop, you know there is nothing better than stone – be it a natural granite and marble or man-made quartz. You also may know that it won’t be a cheap investment, as stone worktops can be quite a burden for the budget. But you can be sure that every penny spent on the kitchen worktop made of stone is money well spent, as using such durable, resistant, top-quality material ensures the worktop will last for decades with minimum amount of maintenance.

How much for a stone worktop?

As in most cases, the price of your kitchen worktop made of stone depends on numerous factors, like:

  • Type of material – granite and marble are quite expensive, especially if you decide to utilize a rare type that has to be imported from afar. Quartz is generally cheaper, but it does not mean it is cheap!
  • Size of the worktop – it is understandable that the bigger the worktop, the more expensive it is.
  • Shape – some projects are harder to manufacture than others. In addition – cutting stone is not an easy process and as such, complicated shapes, curves and non-standard solutions may prove more expensive than a standard kitchen worktop cut from a single slab of granite.
  • Location – transporting natural stone is not an easy task, due to its weight. Thus, an additional fee may be charged for the delivery if the customer is located far away (due to this fact it’s not a bad idea to order worktops from local stonemasons to reduce the delivery cost).